Sunday, March 27, 2016

Georgia's Little Grand Canyon

Our campground in Cotton Hill is a great place for relaxing. It was also a great place to get back to the things we love--hiking, kayaking, and biking. Hiking took us to Providence Canyon State Park the day after we arrived.

Called "Georgia's Little Grand Canyon," there are grand views from the rim trail at the top. The colors and canyon structures reminded us a little of Bryce Canyon in Utah.

We even got a picture together at the rim. We didn't mean to wear matching outfits today, but the two of us certainly color-coordinated with the canyon.

As we looked down, we could see hikers on the trails below.

So of course we are going to hike down to the bottom as well. The trail at the bottom literally meanders in a stream bed that leads to the openings of nine different canyons.

Our favorite canyon was #4. You can see Mark half-way up the white canyon, blending nicely with the wall. This is our first Georgia State Park, and after today we plan to visit many more.

A great hike on a glorious blue-sky day, we really love wandering His wonders!

Now it was our turn to look up at the people on the rim trail. We hiked over six miles up and down the canyon today.

We plan to spend several weeks in this state so we purchased a state park pass. It's always interesting to learn the idiosyncrasies of each state's park system. In Georgia they don't call it a day-use fee--it's a parking fee. So you must have an annual pass in your front window or buy the daily $5 parking pass each time you visit a state park. Even when you are camping at the state park, you must pay the $5 fee. So we bought the annual family pass from the Friends of Georgia State Parks, which will also give us two free nights of camping. In addition, we joined the Georgia State Park RV club, which will give a free night camping after we pay for nine nights.

Welcome to a new state and another new state park system--with "Georgia on my Mind."

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