Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Hard Rock Cafe and Escaping for Birthday Time

We made a road trip to Houston, and we enjoyed walking around downtown. But our real focus for this trip was watching the band that was performing at the downtown Hard Rock Cafe in the  evening. We arrived early, to take proper pictures at this popular restaurant.

We are here to hear our favorite band--the Won Hit Wonders.

We have been big fans of this "internationally acclaimed" band since our trip to South Korea two years ago. Our nephew, Brian, charades as an engineer for ExxonMobil by day. But in the evening, the guitar comes out and we so enjoyed the private concerts we danced to many nights. He was working on an engineering project in South Korea when we visited his family, and he put together a band of other ex-pats.

The South Korean currency is the won, so they named the band "Won Hit Wonders." They played at a Hard Rock Cafe in South Korea shortly before their jobs moved them back to the United States. Now this group is back together for their "farewell tour" before they ship off to other locations.

The restaurant was filled with adoring fans, and we had great seats thanks to the reservation skills of Brian's wife Alexia. She also rearranged the tables so we had a tiny dance floor. We got to do a little Texas two-stepping at the Hard Rock.

Sometimes that dance floor was filled to capacity. When the band tried to quit, the crowd yelled for more. It was a truly fun evening, and that twelve-hour drive was certainly worth it.

But after the concert, we also got to spend bonus time with Brian and Alexia and their children at their home in The Woodlands. We had some nice weather, but it wasn't quite warm enough to go swimming even though that water certainly looks inviting.

Mark figured out that the children were purposefully throwing balls on the roof to get them caught in the gutter. That's because it was so fun to have Uncle Mark lift them up over his head to retrieve the balls.

Besides the concert, the weekend was special because their son Camden was turning ten on Sunday. We got to celebrate with him several times, as he got a special birthday dessert at Hard Rock Cafe on Saturday night.

After church on Sunday, he got an ooey-gooey cookie and ice cream dessert.

And then there was the flaming cupcake dessert on the evening of his birthday. Camden definitely got his share of sugar, as did his visiting great aunt and uncle.

Besides birthday desserts and presents, we also enjoyed a special birthday treat. We had heard of "Escape Rooms," but had never experienced one. Participants have to figure out clues and puzzles to unlock their way out of the room within an hour. We were in great hands, as this family has been to over twenty different escape rooms all over the world. We were warned that this one was tough, but we escaped in 50 minutes--a new record for this room for 2018.

Besides escaping from the escape room, and enjoying the Won Hit Wonders concert, we had a great weekend hanging out with this precious family. It was a great weekend in the Houston area!

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