Wednesday, March 28, 2018

A Lucky St. Patrick's Day

Note: Don't panic and think your calendar is wrong! We're just now catching up with our travels from a week ago--when we celebrated St. Patrick's day on the correct day in March!

When we pulled the motor home into the little city RV park in Navasota, Texas, we planned to stay only a couple days. The $10 daily rate for full hook-ups brought us here, but the fun things we found to do in the area kept us here for four nights. That's what we like about the flexibility of not planning too far in advance or having to stick to reservations. We can stay longer if we're still having fun, or leave earlier if we want to. 

We had already made a trip to College Station, and we drove to nearby Washington on the Brazos. But what special thing could we do on St. Patrick's Day? The picture below says it all--we were lucky that we got to see our nephew and his family at their home in The Woodlands. We have always adored our nieces and nephews, and we think all their children are great too!

We were glad to get to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with these crazy people.

They know we love to play games, so we got to play the game that 10-year-old Camden invented. It was actually a school assignment, in which he used the characters and plot from a book to make a board game with detailed rules. It was fun to play, and we never remember a book report being so much fun!

We always learn something new when we visit, and this trip we got lessons on how to ride a fliker. If a six-year-old can do this, surely we can too?

Even with such expert coaching, we can't say that Denisa was very good at riding this three-wheeler.

We also spent some of the day in their music room, where the members of this talented family play more than one instrument. We could join in with this family sing-along for hours!

But we had an appointment at a local escape place. The last time we visited, we went to our first-ever escape room, where you use clues and brain teasers to solve a maze of riddles that allow your group to escape. The group only has 60 minutes to figure it out, and we got out with 13 minutes to spare. This family has experienced over 20 different escapes all over the world, and it is great fun to escape with them. (In case you have read the signs below, Denisa picked out the one for Mark to hold.)

The luck of Irish was with us, and we had a great day in The Woodlands on St. Patrick's Day! Then we made the one-hour trip back to the motor home parked in Navasota. This central location has allowed us to do so many fun things! But our last evening was not as much fun. We are the red pin in the map below, soon to be slammed by the storm coming in from the west.

Through the windshield, we watched the ominous clouds come into our area. Severe weather alerts were all around us. Since we have a home on wheels, we could drive away from the storm, but it seemed that the storms were all around us.

We dodged a bullet and prayers were answered, as the storm split and only pummeled us with hard rain. The baseball-size hail that fell 20 miles north of us would have done some major damage to our rig! It was really muddy when we pulled out the next morning, and we are already on our way to new adventures down the road.


  1. I enjoy reading your blog. We are going full-time soon. Do you ever find it necessary to make reservations far in advance? I like the idea of being flexible.

  2. We find that holidays like the fourth of July, Memorial Day, and Labor Day can be hard to find a camping spot. So occasionally we reserve during holidays.