Thursday, June 7, 2018

Memorial Day and You'll Never Guess Who is Parked Next to Us?!?

Our motor home has been parked south of Kansas for a month now. We have been sharing our time between that new baby granddaughter . . .

and doing some sight-seeing in the Kansas City area. We were here for the Memorial Day weekend, where the metro area enjoyed some record-breaking hot temperatures. Since baby Carter can't be out in the heat, we spent some time inside playing games. Mark is working on his baby-holding skills while playing cards. Notice he is holding the bottle with his chin, and still able to play a game of spades. What a Granddad!

Later that day, we drove downtown for the city's memorial celebration. The World War I museum grounds was decked out in red, white and blue for the holiday.

From the museum, we had a bird's eye view of the grassy area in front of Union Station. The heat has kept the crowds down this afternoon, but the grass lawn will be covered with people this evening for the fireworks display after dark.

Kansas City calls their Memorial Day party, "Celebration at the Station." Inside Union Station is a memorial to area veterans (and air-conditioning to cool us off).

Outside, the Air Force band is setting up for the afternoon concert. With the humidity and temperatures close to 100 degrees, everyone was looking for shade. Later this evening, the Kansas City Symphony will perform in the band shell, but we didn't have the stamina to wait that long in the heat for that. Besides, we had last minute packing to complete back at the motor home.

At our campground, we had noticed new next door neighbors had pulled in. We were curious about their Oklahoma tags. They even have a "OU/OSU house-divided" plate on the front of their motor home. We were anxious to meet these neighbors, as we must have a lot in common. So we were certainly surprised to see that we knew them! This is Rev. and Mrs. Hardy--the pastor and wife in the church where Denisa grew up in the Oklahoma panhandle many years ago. 

As we pack for our youngest son's wedding, is it coincidental that the preacher that performed our own wedding ceremony 36 years ago is our next door neighbor? At 85, Darrel is still leading a church during the winter months in south Texas. In the summer they travel in their motor home to spend time with their children. They have stayed in this campground for many years, visiting their daughter and family in the Kansas City area. Besides preaching, Darrel has a hobby--he bakes sour dough bread. Each week he bakes six loaves, and gives away five of them. We were the lucky recipient of one of those loaves this week. Warm out of the oven, it was delicious!

So we had a very memorable Memorial Day weekend. Now we must be packing, as we have another road trip to make!

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