Thursday, February 4, 2016

Visiting our New Home Town - Livingston, Texas

Our mailing address has been Livingston, Texas, for over a year now.  But we had never seen our new home town until this week. Nestled in the piney woods area of eastern Texas, we are pretty impressed with our new town.

We're not sure how they can afford it, but we found a brand new high school was just being completed in town.  Then we found a new junior high campus as well.  The hospital looks new, as does the public library.

The parks and city hall and welcome center are also new.  The infrastructure seems to be very modern in our town.

Perhaps one reason that we liked it so much, was its similarities to our last home in Weatherford, Oklahoma. Similar in size, it also lies along a busy interstate.  We found it also had a small college, and Mark felt very comfortable going to their computer lab to print out some tax documents.  

We were in town to take care of some business, which included a trip to the county court house to apply for absentee ballots. Located in the historic section of town, we have now visited the Polk County offices that we corresponded with while doing the paperwork for our new drivers' licenses and vehicle registration a year ago.  This court house is uniquely qualified to deal with all the strange circumstances that full-time RVers put them through.

Across the street from this historic courthouse is a brand new county office building with state-of-the-art offices that were quite impressive. 

In our tour of the area, we also headed out of town, to Lake Livingston State Park.

Lake Livingston is the second largest lake in the big state of Texas. It was a beautiful blue sky day, and the lake looked like a mirror on this calm day.  Livingston was obviously showing us her best side on our tour.

In the middle of the week, we almost had the lake to ourselves.  In the picture above, you can barely see Denisa--a pin point on the end of the grassy peninsula that jutted into the lake.  You certainly can't tell it from this distance, but she has a big smile on her face. We did have to share the lake with a flock of ducks, that must be getting free hand-outs from the park guests based on the way they swam directly toward us.

Besides the modern infrastructure of the town, and the beauty of the loblolly pine forests and lakes, we also think Livingston is a very friendly town.  This can be illustrated by the fact that we got not one, but two invitations to go dancing while we were in the area. We'll be leaving Texas soon, and we'll be missing the fact that Texans love to two-step.  This picture was taken of some of our new dancing friends that invited us to a Sunday afternoon Mardi Gras dance at the Catholic church in Cleveland, Texas.

We love the new people that we are honored to meet every day in this lifestyle.  We shared a table at the Mardi Gras dance with someone that you will probably recognize.

Yes, we were sitting at the same table with Uncle Sam!  A head taller than anyone else in the group picture above (and almost twice as tall as Denisa), his long lean frame is a perfect fit for the Uncle Sam outfit that he had custom-made.

We are impressed with our new home town of Livingston, and the people that we met there!

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  1. Thanks for the nice mention. Wife Patricia and I thoroughly enjoyed our chance encounter with Okie vagabonds.. Uncle Sam aka John Evans...