Thursday, July 6, 2017

Kansas City Fun

We plan to spend almost three weeks visiting family and friends while the motor home is in storage back in Washington. Our first stop is in Kansas City, Missouri. In fact, our timing for the entire trip was based on our son and daughter-in-law's hectic schedule. More importantly, we arrived for Jordan's birthday. So we got to take them out for a birthday meal and dessert at a nice place in downtown Kansas City that brought a candle-lit dessert before we left.

When we got back to their home, there was a surprise birthday party set up in their back yard. It was complete with balloons, cake and candles, water balloons, and games. Considering we were the only ones at the party that weren't medical professionals, we were in a little over our heads when we were playing word games.

Since Luke and Jordan were working during the week, we did some urban hiking for exercise. We also spent some good quality time with their dog during the day. If you sat in his designated chair, he would assume that you wanted him to sit on your lap.

Their little golden doodle puppy has grown into a 75-pound dog, that is almost as tall as Denisa. She was about eye-to-eye with him when we looked out the window as Luke or Jordan left the house in the morning.

Even though he's full-grown, he still has some puppy tendencies. We learned that any shoes left unattended were fair game to be chew toys in his favorite hiding place under the coffee table.

Our son Luke is finishing his second year of his pediatric residency, and we arrived right before one of his rare weekends off. He took us to Children Mercy Hospital, where he has spent many hours in the last two years.

We were thrilled to finally get to see where he was spending his time, as he gave us the first-class tour of the hospital.

While we were sad that Jordan had plans to be out of town for the weekend, we were glad that our other son drove to Kansas City to spend time with us. We don't even remember the last time that just the four of us spent a weekend together, but we were certainly blessed with this precious time! Downtown Kansas City is a crowded place on a beautiful Saturday. So instead of hunting for parking places, we walked from the hospital to areas downtown like the Crown Center. They have several attractions here, including Legoland Discovery Center. Denisa is hanging out with one of the lego characters, completely made out of their small building blocks.

Besides walking, we also used the newest form of Kansas City transportation--the electric streetcar. It was standing-room-only on this car as there were lots of people enjoying the beautiful weekend weather. But Denisa thinks that none of the other passengers were nearly as good looking as her two sons (except for their Father of course).

We were riding the train to the Power and Light District where the Sprint Center resides. This is home to the College Basketball Hall of Fame, as well as something called "The College Basketball Experience." Inside is every form of basketball game known to mankind. We took a lot of pictures, but all of them were blurry because the boys were running, jumping, and shooting in all of them. Besides beating all the top scores in this arcade shooting game, we also played the free throw game, the three-point game, the passing game etc. and etc.

This was a great place for a family like ours to spend the afternoon. We had a great time and got some good exercise too.

We've played games together all their lives, so we continued in the backyard for some spike ball. Then there were trivia games, board games, drawing games, word games, etc. We had a great time playing all weekend!

We also enjoyed cooking together and eating too. It was a fun time in Kansas City! Our time there went quickly, and too soon it was time to move on down the road to our next destination. We treasure these times together with our little boys that have become fine young men!

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