Saturday, July 15, 2017

Saying Good-Bye to Oklahoma Once Again

While Denisa was girl-tripping across Oklahoma with her Mother and sisters, Mark spent more time with his parents in the panhandle of Oklahoma. The sunflowers were blooming at the edge of the horse pasture, with a big blue sky behind them. It's been a while since we've had a flower picture in the blog, so it seemed appropriate to include this sunshiny bloom today.

We've been traveling among the tall trees for so long, that we have to say we have missed the wide-open views of a good sunset with sun-beams streaming across the sky. Although it seems foreign to our new friends in the Northwest, we don't have many trees to get in the way of a sunset in Western Oklahoma.

Those wide-open spaces mean that we can enjoy the interesting skies like this one behind Denisa's Mother's big red barn.

During our three-week stay in Oklahoma, we also made a trip to the town where we retired. We are always amazed at the changes happening in the progressive little city of Weatherford. We came to town for dentist and optometrist appointments, but we also got to visit with quite a few of our friends there. Many of them mentioned the brand new RV park that just opened along I-40 east of town. So we took a tour of the perfectly level cement RV sites with full hook-ups. We were impressed! You can tell that the new owners own a big motor home and know what is important to RVers.

Besides new bathrooms and a laundry, they also have an automatic dog wash. In all the RV parks we have stayed in the last 2.5 years, we have never seen this amenity.

After inserting $10, the machine will cycle through ten minutes of the following dog wash cycles.

We didn't take any pictures of the familiar faces we visited on this last leg of our journey back home. We don't usually take too many food pictures, but Denisa thought this breakfast was as pretty as a picture. The savory egg casserole was steaming in the morning light and the grape juice was lit up. Thanks Patti for always welcoming us home to our old home town!

We managed to complete all our assignments while we were visiting Oklahoma. We went to our doctors appointments, we cleaned out our storage unit, and most importantly--we got to see some of our old friends and many of our relatives. Because Denisa keeps track of such things, in these three weeks she repacked her suitcase and moved to a new over-night location 12 different times. So as we are saying good-bye to Oklahoma again, we're also looking forward to our rolling home that allows us to visit many places without having to repack a suitcase.

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