Friday, June 9, 2017

We're heading to Seattle

After our three-day road trip around the Olympic Peninsula, it was good to be back to our home and our own bed. The motor home has truly become our home, and we miss it when we're away. We enjoyed our stay at Elma RV Park, where the manager regularly makes homemade chocolate chip cookies. She invited Denisa in when they were baking, and insisted she pick out four warm cookies for the road.

We had great weather for the moving day that took us from our rural location to the big city of Seattle. We were on the road for two hours, and it seemed like we were in city traffic the entire time. Not long after we got on the road, we drove under this tall overpass that framed the blue skies. Have we mentioned lately how beautifully green it is in the Evergreen State?

We were glad to see the blue skies and the wildflowers along the side of the interstate highway as we headed east and then north to our campground near Seattle in Bothell, Washington.

Once we got set up at Lake Pleasant RV Park in Bothell, we went to explore our new town. There was a farmers' market about a half-mile down the road. Denisa is really excited about seeing fresh bing and Rainier cherries now. Cherries are one of her favorite snacks, and she plans to eat her way across Washington.

We have a nice parking spot right beside one of the lakes in the campground.

Besides all our RVing neighbors, we also have many fine-feathered friends that also live here at the park.

We are parked at Lake Pleasant RV Park because it is one of the closest campgrounds to Seattle. Like most parks in an urban area, it is one of the most expensive places we have stayed since we started full-timing. But we are having special guests for the next five days. We picked up our youngest son, and his girl-friend, at the Seattle airport.

That's the two of them, checking out the views of Lake Pleasant from the top of the motor home.

Normally we spend time doing research on sites we want to see, but we let Blake and Claire do the planning this time. We started out on the west side of Seattle, across Puget Sound from downtown.

We started out with some fish tacos to get them accustomed to their new home near the water. This area is Alki Beach, and our guests wanted to experience some sand beneath their feet.

We have visited Seattle before, but Claire actually lived here two different summers while she was in high school. She went to ballet camp with the Seattle Pacific Ballet company, so one of our goals was to revisit spots she remembered from those summers. That would include a stop at Seattle Pacific University where the campers lived.

We also stopped in at the 7-Eleven store for a slurpee where the ballerinas often went on free slurpee day.

Not far from the university is an iconic Seattle attraction tucked under the tall Aurora Bridge. There's a troll that took up residence under the bridge on Halloween 1990, and we had to take a picture of our guests and the troll.

They had gotten up early to make the flight, and their day got two hours longer as they flew to the west coast. So they were tired by the end of their first day here. Since we are so far north, they also had to notice that sunset comes very late this time of year. The sun now sets after 9:00, and it's light outside much later than that. We have almost 16 hours of daylight in June in the Seattle area!

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