Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Keeping a Twenty-something Entertained in a 55+ Park

We were so excited to get news that our youngest son, Blake, was flying in to see us here in South Texas! He was able to visit us because he still has good antibodies from when he and his wife had Covid in November. They know they have Covid antibodies because they have given blood and plasma ever since, and they are still getting good antibody numbers each time they are tested. Blake's wife teaches at a university, and she couldn't get off to make this trip south for some much-needed warmth and sunshine with Blake. We worried a little that we wouldn't be able to keep an active twenty-something young man properly entertained here in a resort designed for the 55+ crowd.

The normal activities, like Friday night dances and other musical entertainment several  evenings each week, are cancelled for the season because of Covid restrictions. But our activity office is working hard to provide activities that can be done outside and socially distanced. A scavenger hunt fits both of those criteria. Armed with 5 pages of pictures taken around the park, we went looking for the colorful things that people put in their front yards.

We're glad that Denisa's Mother has that new shiny three-wheel bike. We took turns riding it along with our other two bikes so the three of us could do the scavenger hunt together. We found all but one of the scavenger hunt items in 50 minutes. We also got some good exercise as we rode down every street in our park.

Another day, the activity office set up a 7-stop poker run. We borrowed that three-wheel trike again to make the ride and gather a playing card at each of those stops. We also gathered snacks and/or drinks at each stop. We enjoyed ice cream, pretzels, pop corn, cookies, rice krispies . . . It was a delicious ride that culminated in an outdoor hot dog lunch and entertainment. Too bad Blake's poker hand of two pairs didn't hold up to win one of the cash prizes.

We had absolutely beautiful weather while Blake was visiting. We enjoyed days with temperatures in the 70s and 80s while they were fighting ice and snow back at his home in Oklahoma City. He enjoyed being able to bike and then hike in shorts and a t-shirt through the state park just three miles from us.

Even though we have been to this state park many times, we had never noticed these interesting white things hanging on tree branches in one section of the park.

We're not sure why these little white snails are hanging on the trees at the very dry Bentsen Rio Grande Valley State Park.

For more exercise, we played pickleball and shuffleboard. Then we spent evenings cooking up meals and playing games at Mema's house. We're obviously behind in getting this blog published, because Blake was here on Super Bowl Sunday. Because we were enjoying such beautiful weather, he wanted to watch the game on our outside television. We rarely use this fourth television in our tiny home, so it was nice to put it to good use this day. One of our neighbors made sure that we had the proper plates for our pre-game nachos.

Blake should always remember the year he watched the Superbowl outside while sitting under an orange tree.

The sun went down on the day, and the hopes of the Kansas City Chiefs winning another Superbowl. Blake probably won't remember the mediocre football game, but we hope he'll always remember another fun trip to the Rio Grande Valley. We do think we kept our twenty-something son entertained in this 55+ park. And that doesn't even count a couple road trips that we made while he was visiting. But we'll blog about those next time.

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