Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Surviving Covid (Again!)

In our seven years of full-time RVing, we have definitely learned to be flexible. We're going to use that flexibility again as our plans have changed AGAIN. We planned to leave right after the ski trip, but that changed because of Covid. We were exposed to this bothersome virus while we were in Colorado, and several members of our ski group tested positive. We didn't go to the trouble of being tested, since we were positive that Denisa's results would be positive. She had all the classic symptoms--congestion, cough, head ache, sore throat, fatigue, and body aches. As soon as the symptoms appeared she started her quarantine--in the upstairs bedroom at Mark's Mother's house. She didn't want to take any chances of exposing Mark's 93-year-old Mother. While her quarantine quarters are large and have a private bathroom, they don't have any television and only spotty internet and phone signal. That's where Denisa has been hanging out for the last three days.

Mark never had any symptoms, so we're not sure if he was an asymptomatic positive, or he somehow avoided getting Covid this time. Either way, his Mother never got Covid even though they spent lots of time together during those three days. While we usually cook together, Mark and his Mother were in charge of the kitchen. They delivered some great meals to the quarantine room. Because we have no other pictures to post, Denisa took pictures of some of the meals. This one includes farm-raised fried chicken (from the same neighbor that provides the fresh eggs), real mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, home-made bread, home-made sand plum jelly, and a salad. You could say that Denisa was very well fed with meals lovingly prepared during her quarantine. She was glad that she never lost her senses of taste or smell this time, as the meals were tasty!

Mark's phone recorded that he had climbed 17 flights of stairs in one day. That would include checking on Denisa and bringing her food. Even though we had everything packed up, he unpacked the keyboard so she could play the piano to pass some of her solitary confinement. He delivered warm drinks to soothe her sore throat, and yummy meals to tempt her appetite. Thanks to Mark for all his stair climbing and cooking!

Denisa is sure that this case of Covid's omicron variant is less severe than the case we endured in October 2020. She figures that this bout should boost her immunity without a booster shot. Our daughter-in-law is in the medical profession, and she read that this lighter variant is "nature's vaccine." In our group of 11 people exposed to the virus on our ski trip, only four of us displayed symptoms, but others tested positive as well.

By day three, Denisa was bored and felt good enough to do some packing. We've delayed our departure several days because of the virus, but also because of the weather. We've had 40 mile-per-hour winds (with gusts up to 60) for over 24-hours. So we wouldn't be driving the motor home in that type of weather anyway. Also, our first stop on our departure was to visit friends--that wouldn't be so glad to see us with Covid. So we're testing our patience and using our flexibility to roll out in our motor home when the time, and the weather, is right.

It's been four months, one week, one day, and 19 hours (but who's counting?!?) since we parked the motor home here in Oklahoma. It has really been a pretty busy four months. We've flown to Newfoundland, Canada, and stayed for a couple weeks; we've cheered our son on during his first half-marathon race; we've cared for Denisa's mother after her Covid hospital stay and our son after his foot surgery; we've taken the girl trip to Branson; we've baby-sat in Kansas City (twice); we've driven Denisa's Mother to her winter home in south Texas and stayed for a week; we've celebrated our grandson's first birthday; we got to trick-or-treat at Halloween with our grandchildren; we've celebrated Thanksgiving with both sides of our families; we've had dentist, optometrist, dermatologist, and gynecologist appointments; we've visited all of our siblings and many of our nieces and nephews; we've baked Christmas cookies and soaked in the beauty of Christmas light displays, we've celebrated Christmas with family multiple times; we've stayed up to usher in 2022 at a New Year's Eve party; we've gone snow skiing in Colorado; and now we've survived Covid (again). Now we're ready to be on the road (again)!

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